Snow Blowing Simplified


Our goal at Northern Snow is to make snow blowing as simple as possible. We dispatch our team as soon as there is an accumulation of 5 cm or more of snow, ensuring your driveway is consistently clean.  Find out more about our process and pricing below.

How It Works

Step 1

Request a contract.


The first step is to request a contract from us where we gather all of the appropriate information needed for the upcoming season. Next, we begin processing the new request. Once completed we will reach out to you with a contract confirming all of your details and the terms for the upcoming season.

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We’ll get you set up.

At the beginning of the season we will dispatch members from our team to your location. Our crew will place Northern Snow markers on each side of your driveway, setting the boundaries that guide our tractors during servicing. 
Step 2
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Step 3

Our team goes to work.


Now you sit back and relax! Throughout the season our team will be dispatched when there is an accumulation of 5 cm or more of snow. Our routing system will automatically notify you when we are on route to your location. We frequently dispatch our crew to perform clean up runs on days of heavy snow and to remove debris or blockage from the city plows.


Driveway Types


Single Driveway

Starting at:


+ HST/season


Double Driveway

Starting at:


+ HST/season


Triple Driveway

Starting at:


+ HST/season

Single Shared

Single Shared Driveway

Starting at:


+ HST/season

Double Shared

Double Shared Driveway

Starting at:


+ HST/season


Circular Driveway

Starting at:


+ HST/season


Unsure of your driveway size? Contact us to request a free quote so we can make sure you are taken care of this winter.
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You can leave your vehicle(s) in your driveway but we request that you park as close to your house as possible. This will allow us to maximize the area our tractors can clear. We always leave a gap between our tractors and your vehicle(s) to prevent damaging any property during servicing. For more information refer to our snow blowing guide. 

Due to the corrosive nature of salt and to prevent causing damage to your driveway, we do not spread it.

We do offer our services to customers with gravel driveways however, we require a sufficient amount of snowfall to pack down your gravel before we service your driveway. We cannot guarantee that gravel will not be displaced onto your lawn.

We are currently offering our services to clients within the Sault Ste. Marie, ON city limits.

Our tractors are 100% safe for your driveway. In fact, our tractors and blowers put significantly less stress on your driveway than conventional snow blowing equipment.

We base our driveway sizes off of how many cars the driveway can fit width wise. The above section gives you a visual representation of our driveway sizes. Feel free to fill out our custom driveway form if you think your driveway does not fit into any of the predefined categories we have listed.

Sign up for the season today! Request a contract here.